Museums play an exceptionally important role in making our common European heritage public. Countries of the European Union, including strong involvement of experts from the Visegrad Group countries, have profoundly been dealing with the topic of collections mobility for two decades.

The framework of this process includes international conferences, publications and expert trainings to define the legal and administrative obstacles for the mobility of the collections, to explore best practices and theoretical solutions in order to help European audience gain wider access to the diverse and extremely rich cultural heritage of Europe.

In the 21st century, the desire for sustainability and the need to reduce costs urge us to find new ways to approach the collections and collecting related activities. The mode in which museums operate now finds itself challenged, particularly by new technologies and the digital revolution. The responsible museum should develop new collection strategies, rather than repeat the old pattern based on the idea of eternal growth.

The V4 Active Collections Conference aims at encouraging museums to revisit their collections, to approach them in a different manner, and to use them actively for the education and enjoyment of the public.